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Buddhist bracelet with Stone and Om symbol Veteada



Meditate deeper, Undisturbed and quiet, thanks to our precious natural stone Buddhist Bracelet.


This beautiful Buddhist Bracelet will help you in your meditation sessions. His OM symbol is a constant reminder of the mantra that besides help you focus, It will help in meditation and relaxation.

This bracelet is made up of two different types of accounts. The first half consists of lava stone beads, while the second half consists of natural stones veined. In the center of the stone veined, It has a small pendant in the shape of OM. This duality reminds us of the duality of life.

The spiritual power of the symbol Om

The phrase known as "healthy mind in a healthy body" has been taken by athletes, presenting as reinforcing the importance of exercise the body. However, This phrase should be taken in reverse. Is worth to say: If your mind is healthy, your body will be too.

It reflects the idea of ​​the psychosomatic. Our minds and moods influence of a powerful way in the functioning of our body, ... fixing it or destroying it. The mind is energy: destructive or healing. Hence spiritual therapies focus on managing these energies.

Red Stone model

Let your Buddhist bracelet help you in your meditation sessions

Violeta model Stone

Protect yourself from negative energy by our Buddhist Bracelet

Model Blue Stone

Exudes peace and tranquility with our Buddhist Bracelet

Greenstone model

Let peace and quiet are part of your life thanks to this Buddhist Bracelet

Model Blue Light Graystone

Get peace and calm thanks to our Buddhist Bracelet


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