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Stone Buddhist bracelet with OM Symbol


Feel your body full of health and energy thanks to the beneficial action of this Buddhist bracelet natural stone

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Lose yourself in the natural thanks to this beautiful Buddhist bracelet handmade. Whenever you put that you feel your forces back to you. With the, You feel how the energy of the universe flows into you so that you can make all kinds of daily activities without problems.

This Buddhist bracelet is finished in a pendant with the OM symbol where he hangs a tassel. The circumference of the bracelet is 19cm and beads have a diameter of 8mm.

OM mantra in Buddhism

The OM mantra is one of the most frequently used mantras in Buddhism. Many monks and practitioners from all over the world use the mantra OM to calm the mind and clear it. In this way, can let your thoughts flow to not interrupt their concentration. Not only it used alone, but many of the longest mantras also contain the word OM, thus showing the importance of this mantra in Buddhism and meditation.

Discover your inner self with Buddhist Bracelet

Let your energies through this Buddhist bracelet renewed

Surprise everyone with this wonderful Buddhist Bracelet

Get surprised everyone with this Buddhist Bracelet


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