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Buddhist bracelet wooden beads with Vajra Bell


Achieve peace and spiritual calm anytime, anywhere thanks to this Buddhist bracelet with wooden beads carved bell and vajra.

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Let peace and harmony your spirit guide through this beautiful Buddhist Bracelet. With her, as you see it, You'll notice how all the stress and anger dissipates your daily transfer. In addition, If you combine it with your meditation sessions, you will see how quickly you get to relax more and better.

Let Buddhist bracelet fill your spirit

the vajra (also called Dorje) indeed represents firmness spirit and achieve high virtue transcendental capable of guiding to Truth, destroying ignorance. In this way, to take with you all the time bracelet Vajra, you too can get all your benefits. To do this, you have to put the bracelet on your right hand, either on a daily or while meditating.

This bracelet is made with wooden beads coconut finely carved with mantras on its surface and finished with a vajra bell in its center. In addition, Bracelet can be used by both men and women because it can be easily adjusted between 16cm and 26cm.

Discover a new way thanks to this beautiful Buddhist Bracelet

Manages to relax and be at peace with this beautiful bracelet with Vajra bell

Achieves all the benefits of meditation with this vajra bell

Enjoy the benefits of meditation through this vajra bell

This Buddhist bracelet is the perfect companion for your meditation sessions


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