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Beaded Bracelet Buddhist Bodhi Tree Shaped Loto


Gives off an aura of peace, harmony and serenity thanks to this beautiful Buddhist Bracelet.

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This wonderful Buddhist Bracelet will help you calm your emotions and calm you whenever you take with you and look at her. This bracelet is composed of seed beads fig water (species of the original bodhi tree) carved lotus-shaped giving it a dual function. Its elastic 17cm in length allows the bracelet fits any wrist.

Discover the power of this Buddhist Bracelet

Buddha in meditation, It reached the state of illumination under a bodhi tree. In this way, meditation under one of these trees (fig trees water) It became a way of trying to reach Buda. In addition, Lotus also has a powerful symbolism in Buddhism as the image of the lotus is often associated with the rebirth of self.


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