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Buddhist bracelet with Tree of Life and Mantra OM



Let the positive energy and vitality reach you by combining the tree of life with the mantra om.

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The natural energy of life is concentrated in this bracelet. Thanks to its combination of positive energy, You can do anything you set your mind and overcome any obstacle. In addition, You will achieve repel negative energy. In this way, You'll end up having more luck. Discover all the benefits it can bring you our Buddhist bracelet Tree of Life and mantra OM!

How do I can help this Buddhist Bracelet?

In the central part, It has a hub with the mantra OM. This mantra will help you focus your energy when you meditate and concentrate not distract. Every time you turn the cube you can keep track of the number of mantras.

The back of the bracelet, He has recorded The Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a powerful representation of life. Since ancient times, in many civilizations and cultures, It has always linked the tree of life with many positive effects, as they are lucky, health and longevity.

The Tree of Life represents, shaped branches that rise and expand the sky, physical and spiritual level of our life. It is understood that not all branches are noticeable by everyone. Each part must seek his spiritual and material part. We can say that it is a talisman that greatly benefits the wearer, as it is attributed the power to attract positive energies and good wishes, both the cardholder and those around you.

Finally, surrounding The Tree of Life and the mantra OM, dispose of 7 you count representing the 7 chakras with a black support account and connection. Like this, every time you put this bracelet, you'll be helping to regulate your internal energy naturally.


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Rita Maria Trejo Mora
6 months 29 days ago

I wonder whether it is natural or synthetic stones

6 months 27 days ago

dear Rita:
The bracelet is made with natural accounts. You can see more information about accounts in our blog: https://www.mundobuda.com/piedras-para-los-7-chakras/