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Buddhist Bracelet 108 Meditation accounts


Meditate your mantras quietly and keeps count as Buddhist monks through this bracelet 108 accounts.

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Meditates quietly anywhere thanks to this wonderful Buddhist Bracelet. This way will help you find peaceful and calm.

The bracelet is made up 108 natural stone beads with a divider silver each 9 accounts and finishing on a plate hanging with the mantra OM symbol inscribed on its surface.

Buddhist bracelet 108 accounts and its significance in Buddhism

The 108 is a number linked to Eastern traditions, especialmente al Prayer, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. It is considered sacred, and once it became the symbol, use it proliferated in all aspects related to religion or culture in Asia. No wonder why we find continuous references to 108.

In this way, a common methodology when sung mantras is to have a Buddhist bracelet 108 accounts. In this way, We can keep track as we saying mantras.



Everyone will be fascinated by your Buddhist Bracelet


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