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Bracelet Boho Chic “Be brave”



Unleashes the strength and courage to carry in your interior with our boho chic bracelet. Every time you see, You feel like your strength back to you.

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Courage is a remarkable quality in all of us. Courage is what led us to impossible places in the world, discovering new places to live. It also served to bring us even to the moon. Many adventures have been narrated about brave people who dared to take the step that before had anyone been able. That is why we bring this chic boho bracelet with the slogan “Be brave”. In this way, every time you see, you too will be able to take that step you dare not give and thus move forward to get everything you want in life.

Dare you also to move forward

This beautiful bracelet is made of stainless steel. It has a chain with lobster claw clasp that we can adjust to tighten our liking or let's drop our wrist. In the central part it has a small plaque with the message “Be brave” along with an arrow, inviting us to be brave and so go forward.

Feel good every time you admire your bracelet

Deja we all admire you beautiful bracelet

Surprise everyone with your precious boho chic bracelet



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