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Boho Chic bracelet with Rama and Birds


Let your boho chic bracelet surprise all your friends and acquaintances. His beautiful set will give a totally bohemian look.

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Let your soul fly free thanks to this boho chic bracelet and feel you liberate the weight of the world.

This bracelet is made up 5 each bonded bracelets. On the bracelet we can see that the first is formed by the infinity symbol, so that we may be always free. The second bracelets is a string bracelet. The third of the bracelets is a bracelet-shaped twin owls. The fourth bracelets is a bracelet braided wire. Finally, the fifth bracelets shows a branch with leaves of which is hanging a small bird.

Let the bird to help you

Birds are a totemic symbol powerful. Since ancient times, birds have been used to show us the way to where we should go and our destination.

Get your own style with this chic boho free bracelet


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