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Bracelet Boho Chic Spring Flower with ceramic beads



Achieves a more bohemian look thanks to this chic bracelet boho wearing a flower preserved inside.

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Spring is a wonderful time. In her, the mountains, meadows and parks become dyed life and color. It is at that time that we see again the green trees with a large number of leaves radiating life, and a large number of flowers on the floor gracing every place. This lovely boho chic bracelet also celebrates spring bringing you a little bit of it to you.

Let the light and joy invade your life thanks to this wonderful boho chic bracelet

This bracelet is made into yarn, arranging several beads made of ceramic and beads made of zinc alloy equidistantly distributed over its surface. In its external, It has a lobster claw clasp that allows you to adjust its length from the 15 to 20cm. In the center Bracelet, has a flower preserved in a glass sphere thus giving a unique appearance bracelet.

Model 001

This pendant boho chic enable surprised everyone


Model 002

Let the spring air turn your spirit


Model 003

Refleza a springlike air thanks to this fabulous pendant


Model 004

Surprise everyone with this pendant boho chic


Model 005

Let the whole world astonished by this pendant boho chic


Model 006

Go with a spring style with this lovely bracelet


Model 007

Surprise everyone with this natural pendant


Model 008

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this pendant


Model 009

Feel like spring with this pendant boho chic


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