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Boho Chic Bracelet Natural Stone with OM Symbol



Let peace and calm into your life to get rid of stress thanks to this lovely boho chic Buddhist Bracelet.

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The OM mantra is known to all. This mantra has been used for centuries to reach a state of complete rest. This lovely boho chic bracelet will help you too to get that state of peace and tranquility.

This bracelet is made up of stone beads 8mm finished 3 gold-colored beads from which hangs the mantra OM symbol also in gold.

The power of the mantra OM

The ancient scriptures tell us that a mantra begins with OM and end with OM. It is the creative movement of life, cycles and rhythms.

When we say a mantra we are creating a vibration that all our cells respond. Therefore to chant the mantra OM we are connecting with our whole being, with all our cells, with the vibration of creation. In this way, we can heal many levels.

Lava stone model

Unleash your potential with this bracelet boho chic Buddhist


Malachite model Sintética

Let peace come to you with this Buddhist bracelet mantra om


Jaspe model

Do not let anything distract you through this bracelet mantra om


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