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Boho Chic Bracelet Natural Stone Heart



Let the power of love flow from you through this beautiful boho chic bracelet! Everyone will feel the power of your love!

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Let everyone feel your love through this lovely bracelet. As you put that, you feel how love comes over you. Once you start feeling, everyone else will feel your love.

This lovely bracelet is made with natural rose quartz beads, turquoise or amethyst (to choose). In addition, It is finished in a small heart-shaped pendant with heart ornaments inside. In this way, thanks to its synergism, your feelings will be amplified

The power of gemstones

Since ancient times stones were used as an element of healing and protection.

Rose quartz helps to break down all prejudice and It helps to cure the ills of Love.

Turquoise helps communication with others giving us the gift of gab. In this way, we can express our feelings to people who want.

Amethyst has the feature to highlight the positivity of our life, both in the attitude like our environment.


Model Rosenquartz

surprises with your boho chic bracelet


model TurquoiseLove is in the air. Pursue him you too


Amethyst modelDiscover your power through our chic boho bracelet


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