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Boho Chic Eye Bracelet Turco


Enjoy luck and avoid the evil eye thanks to the protective action of this chic bracelet boho Turkish eye.

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Get attract all the luck to you and avoid all the problems and obstacles of life thanks to this boho chic bracelet. Thanks to its beautiful Turkish eye, You can avoid the evil eye and other curses and negative energies. Every time you put yourself, you will be repelling negative energy while positive energy powers.

This bracelet is made up of several Turkish eye stones interspersed with glass beads Turkish glass eye with crimps. The total length is 25cm, I can reduce it by 6cm in order to adjust it to our wrist.

Take advantage of the power of the Turkish eye

The eye turcoes used an amulet to ward off the evil eye and negative energies. We are constantly in touch with the energy of others. Sometimes it is positive; so many, No. And consciously or unconsciously, can affect our existence.

The eye, when our soul portal, directly reflects our emotions. For that, since antiquity various amulets were invented to protect us against envy and lust. Turkish eye is chosen area.

Get rid of negative energy with this chic bracelet boho Turkish eye

Creates a halo around yours positivity with Turkish eye



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