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Boho Chic bracelet with Tibetan Silver Leaf



Thanks to the boho chic style of our Bracelet, You can get a more bohemian style and surprising everyone

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Give a different touch to your style! Thanks to this beautiful boho chic bracelet will look great wherever you go. His style finish like its silver trim make this bracelet ideal for carrying both day-to-day accessory, as special events such as appointments, cocktails, Parties, etc.

The bracelet is made from glass beads with Tibetan silver spacers. It is also finished on a piece Tibetan silver attached to a glass bead.

Let the boho chic aesthetic inundate your life

More and more people are pointing to the boho chic fashion. His most bohemian and hippie style give a different look both your clothes and your accessories. In this way, You get a freer style that you can customize easily. Like this, You can leave your printer in your style of dress in your day to day.

Surprise everyone with your boho chic bracelet

Give a different touch to your style with boho chic bracelet

Dazzle everyone with your Tibetan silver bracelet

Give a different touch to your style

Your boho chic bracelet will surprise everyone


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