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Boho Chic bracelet with flower in Crystal Ball


Let your love for natual surprise your friends and acquaintances with this wonderful boho chic bracelet.

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Nature is part of us. It surrounds us and cares for us, giving us food, clean air or shelter. This beautiful chic boho bracelet is a statement to everyone for your love and passion for nature.

This wonderful string bracelet, is formed from an introduced and retained within a crystal ball plant. In this way, you will take a piece of nature wherever you go. Also it includes a sheet of silver tree hanging on its side.

Let natural boho chic fashion inundate your life

Boho chic freestyle born as a mix of various styles, such as vintage, hippie, or bohemian grunge. Thanks to all this mishmash, boho chic style is more free and natural style. Like this, We combine different garments and when boho chic accessories, we can connect with nature and we also join it as if we were a single.

Surprised with this lovely pendant boho chic



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