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Boho Chic Infinity bracelet with pin for Fit


Become feeling any party or event thanks to this lovely boho chic bracelet infinity.

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We bring you this lovely boho chic bracelet with infinity symbol and crimps crystals so that you can look fabulous in all kinds of parties and events. With her, you will become the center of attention you find where you are.

This bracelet is made with a cross link chain, finished glass beads crimps. In the center of the bracelet it has an infinity symbol, which has several crystals crimped on one of its sides. At the end of the bracelet, It has a small pin with which we can regulate circumference 24cm.

The power of infinity symbol

The infinity symbol represents eternity and spiritual powers. It is also considered the bond of love.

From the esoteric point of view, Earth has nine strata. It is in the ninth stratum where it is the symbol of infinity. You should know that the sacred symbol of infinity is at the heart of the earth, its living core and has a figure eight horizontally placed.





Make everyone can not look away from you

Get everyone to focus your eyes on you



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