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Boho Chic Silver bracelet with Starry Night


Surprise everyone thanks to this fabulous boho chic bracelet made semejanda of Starry Night

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Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the most important painters in the history of art. Van Gogh during his lifetime, we left a large number of boras to admire and enjoy. Between them, one of the most famous is the canvas Starry Night. This spectacular work has been reproduced in whole or in infinitude of sites, resulting in beautiful variations that honor this work of art. Inspired by the beauty and grandeur of this painting, We bring this chic bracelet boho nuances of the work.

Bring always a part of the starry night

This circular lovely bracelet carries on its surface a hand drawn picture of Starry Night. Every time you see and you look this pendant, It will be like seeing the canvas created by the same Van Gogh. The bracelet is made in sterling silver (the payment 925).

Surprise everyone with this lovely bracelet

This chic bracelet boho fill your soul with the image of a starry sky

Make everyone by surprise this lovely pendant boho chic


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