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Boho Chic Silver bracelet with flower Khaki Cascabel with Engraving


Draws all eyes to your hands and wrists thanks to this lovely boho chic bracelet with bell.

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Eye-catcher thanks to the surprising finish of this chic bracelet boho. Thanks to her, You surprised everyone around with a beautiful contrast. In this way, you will achieve make everyone succumb to the beauty of your hands, your arms and wrists.

Let the boho chic fashion invades your life

Boho chic fashion has reached all parts of our life. Let this cheerful fashion also your days showing all your beauty. In this way, you will achieve gradually realize your own unique and undeniable style in order to achieve dazzle all. Make your own style reluza alive PROPI!

This bracelet is made of silver. Closure Pinching allows you to adjust the length between 15cm and 18cm. In this way, It will always be set to your wrist and the style you want to show at that time.

Surprises of the gracefulness of this beautiful boho chic bracelet




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