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Bracelet Boho Chic 8 Dorado said yarns


Surprise everyone with a distinct style with this bracelet boho. Your grunge style – Bohemian again everyone crazy.

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Sometimes we want to bring together a more ethnic touch, or bohemian grunge. This beautiful boho bracelet has everything you're looking to combine with your other clothes and so get that unique style you want.

This bracelet is made from 8 twisted wire including. Thanks to that, gets a unique look and different. In addition, in its center is placed a small whereby said threads are cast. In this way, once people see your bracelet, They will be surprised.

Combine it with other garments and accessories bohemian cut such as earth-colored jackets or accessories with dreamcatcher hanging so as to achieve maximum visual impact.

Let the boho fashion invades your life

Boho chic fashion gives us the possibility of obtaining a thousand and one different own styles. In this way, with small changes, we can get that result we can call our own.

Surprise everyone with this lovely boho chic bracelet

Creates a great visual impact with this chic bracelet boho

Get everyone to notice you thanks to this chic bracelet boho


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