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Boho Chic bracelet with drawing flowers and beads Porcelain



Feel the power of spring thanks to this lovely boho chic bracelet with painted flowers mode.

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The boho chic born as a mixture of natural aesthetics such as grunge, the hippie or bohemian. This beautiful chic boho bracelet is a mixture of styles that will amaze you. Once people see you with it you will be amazed.

Let the boho chic aesthetic into your life

This lovely bracelet fits wrists 14 to 18cm thanks to its elastic. The bracelet consists of a large number of beads made of porcelain. These accounts are all painted as a florecillas. Thanks to all accounts, you will achieve a great visual impact that will surprise everyone. As you put this bracelet, You feel like spring comes into your life and everyone around him feel yours too. Use it yourself or Give it to the people who most want in your life so that they can feel your love and affection.


Sunflower model image

Surprise everyone thanks to this lovely bracelet


Model with red peony ImageGet that spring call your life thanks to this chic bracelet boho


Image Peonia model BlueCreate your own trend thanks to this chic bracelet boho

Model Plum Blossom

Achieves a different and bohemian chic boho style with our bracelet


Model Florecilla Blue


Leaves everyone open-mouthed thanks to this chic bracelet boho






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