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Boho Chic Buddhist Bracelet 6 in 1


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Let everyone nearby to you is full of positivity and joy thanks to your fantastic boho chic Buddhist bracelet.

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Peace, calm and love, are essential parts we should try to get in our everyday. Peace repels anger makes us lose ourselves. Calm chases away the stress of everyday life we. Finally love drives away hatred, by our partner, estean family and friends happy with us. So you can achieve all your purposes without anything stop and reach a state of peace, calm and love, we present this fabulous boho chic bracelet.

This bracelet is made up 6 different bracelets. These 6 Different models are joined at the back of this bracelet, preventing you drop thanks to its closure clamp. In addition, thanks to said closure, we can adjust the length of the bracelet between 19cm and 24cm. In this way, we can carry on our wrist tightening without us or cause us any trouble.

How we can help this bracelet?

The first part of the bracelet is the figure of the elephant. This animal is well-liked within Buddhism thanks to its great strength and intelligence, and their unshakable will. With it you feel like you can always take another step forward. The second part is a white thread that reflects the purity of our feelings. The third part shows us the word LOVE. In this way, every time we see, we will remember to share our love with the people in our lives. The fourth part consists of a friendship bracelet, to never forget all our friends. The fifth is a message that whenever you see will also help you move forward without your will falter. Finally, the final bracelet, It shows us a symbol of infinity, since we are all interconnected with each other.

The union of all symbols of the bracelet will help you never relent in your effort and thus achieve everything you set your mind.

Get everything you set your mind thanks to this boho Buddhist bracelet


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