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Boho Chic bracelet Tree of Life with owls and feathers



This bracelet Tree of Life is a disruptive trend with everything you've had so far. With her, You have a totally bohemian look.

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Breaks with predefined styles thanks to this lovely boho chic bracelet. With three layers of yarn and natural accounts, and their accounts owls, pendants pens and a tree of life, You be able to create a style more crazy Ideal to combine with your boho clothes. This way you will attract all eyes to you.

The energy of the tree of life

The tree consists of three axes in the cosmos is divided. The subway, for its roots. earthly, its trunk. And the sky, by its branches. Therefore, the tree represents the world axis, the connection between earth and sky. The tree represents Mother Earth, from which all life arises.

The tree represents the world axis. The druid considered, since part of the tree is underground and grows into the subterranean depths, and another part of the tree stretches skyward, the tree could not be anything but connecting these two planes in the world. Like this, the shaft has a central sense, so that is considered the axis, the essence of the world. Although this belief is not only Celtic. Many other cultures have regarded the tree as a central element between earth and sky. For Celtic culture, It was the oak.

White color

Add a touch completely different from your add-ons


Color Black

Surprises with your bohemian bracelet


Color Verde

Make everyone notice you with your bracelet Tree of Life


Color blue

Let surprise everyone with your bohemian style



With the boho chic, You feel like your style flows naturally



Create your own style free and crazy with this bracelet


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