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Bracelet Boho Chic 5 in 1 love



This lovely boho chic bracelet will let you share your love with everyone. The more you use it, more people will feel your love.

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This beautiful chic boho bracelet is a statement of intent about the great love you feel for all. When your friends and acquaintances see you with it, they will be surprised. Use this beautiful bracelet to give to your relatives or friends also. Thus, you can see how much you care for them.

The symbolism Bracelet

This bracelet is made up 5 parts. The first is a symbol of infinity, representing your infinite love for others. The second is a thread which represents the union between all. The third symbol is a silver heart with an account in your heart symbolizing your love. The fourth is an interweaving thread that symbolizes friendship. Finally we have a heart with an arrow representing Cupid.

This boho chic bracelet will enchant everyone thanks to his freestyle. Whether for yourself or for gifts, with this bracelet, all happy estareis.

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Let yourself be loved by all thanks to the boho chic bracelet


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