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Bracelet Boho Chic 5 in 1 to love and can believe


Extiende3 your wings and fly without anyone stop you from making all the dreams you have in this life thanks to the boho chic bracelet.

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Believing in yourself is the first step to cross the world without anyone stand in your way, thus achieving fulfill all your dreams. Why this bracelet is a constant reminder to love and love at all times in order to accomplish anything you set your mind. Do not give up and pursue your destiny with force!

Fulfill your goals and purposes without despeinarte

This bracelet is made up 5 bracelets all together at the rear by a single closure clamp. Thanks to this type of closure and 20cm in length, You can perfectly adjust this bracelet to your wrist.

The bracelet consists of a bracelet finished in the infinity symbol that symbolizes your infinite passion. Beside him is an account with wings that will help you make all your dreams come true. At its center inlcudes a braided bracelet symbolizing your strength and endurance. Beside Believe the message is for you to believe in yourself. Finally, the LOVE bracelet that will help you feel the love flowing in you is.


Let love and hope reach your life thanks to this chic bracelet boho

Let your boho chic bracelet surprise friends and acquaintances

Believe in yourself because this bracelet 5 in 1

Get people thanks to this wonderful surprise bracelet



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