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Aurora Bracelet in Sterling Silver



The same as you, the aurora borealis is beautiful and magnificent. This beautiful bracelet aurora allow you to pleasantly surprise everyone.

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The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon hermonos. Every time we see him, shrink our hearts with his wonderful majesty. Seeing her dance in the sky, It felt like our heart is united with nature. Thank you to our Aurora Bracelet, you too can take with you a part of that transcendental beauty wherever you go.

Let everyone be surprised with your bracelet aurora

In Scandinavian mythology, the aurora borealis is a link with the spirit world. Like this, when it appeared the aurora borealis, the human world and the spirit world were united, allowing spirits to move freely between them with no strings attached.

Through bursts of light of the aurora borealis, They could descend spirits beyond to our earthly space. And those who died on earth, They climbed through it and expressed their souls in this celestial dance.

The bracelet is made in sterling silver (the payment 925) with a total length of 16cm can be extended up to 19cm thanks to its closure clamp.

Get all thanks to this beautiful bracelet surprised aurora

Let the magnificence of the Northern Lights always be with you

Wonder everyone with this lovely boho chic bracelet

Let the light dance around yours with this bracelet aurora

Surprises of this beautiful aurora bracelet


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