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Bracelet Tree of Life with Ceramic Circle



The Tree of Life is a closing element and joining. You can also join others spiritually through this bracelet.

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All civilizations have a tree of life in them. This tree is an element of connection and spiritual union, plus an element that gives us life and consciousness. In this way, all living beings are united with us by The Tree of Life. Whether a plant, an animal or human, all part of a single whole.

This bracelet is made up of two twin chains with lobster claw clasp that let you adjust the length. The bracelet is finished in a stainless steel plate with The Tree of Life. around her, It has a ceramic coating as a protective frame.

Feel the union thanks to the tree of life

The Tree of Life It reflects our life as follows: seed born, we grow clothed by family and friends who will straighten us like the trunk of a tree, the branches represent our decision-making and the ways that we follow in our lives.

Surprise everyone with your pendant with Tree of Life

Access all thanks to your pendant with Tree of Life

Focus your life thanks to the tree of life

Let everyone see and connect with you through this bracelet Tree of Life

Dispels negative energy thanks to the tree of life




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