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Bracelet Love of Nature


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Shouts to the 4 Winds how much you love nature. This bracelet will give you the daily energy so you can connect with the Earth.

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Feel your connection to the Earth blooms every day. This beautiful chic boho bracelet is a reminder while a message from your passionate love for the Earth.

This wonderful boho bracelet is made up 5 small bracelets that come together in a single bracelet in the back. Pinching allows closure regulate the closure of the bracelet itself in order to choose between a total distance of between 19cm and 24cm. In this way, not thee in your hand and you can take more or less loose loose.

The first part of the bracelet is the word Love. We teach her the world our great love. The second and fourth are part of a friendship bracelet, while the third part is the symbol of infinity. Like this, we show our infinite love for nature. Finally, we have a complete tree leaf bracelet.

Ocher and dark shades are ideal for use with all types of clothing, highlighting with clean clothes and offering an amplifying effect with ocher robes or natural colors. Surprise everyone with your new style!

Your love of nature influences around you

Nature around us. forests, meadows, Beaches, mares, etc. Human life is surrounded by nature everywhere. So we have to concenciarnos and all other awareness of the importance of protecting nature. Put your bit and try to convince others to also help. In this way, slowly with the help of all, we can improve the quality of life and the planet. No matter how small the action, since it is all welcome. Future generations will appreciate all the help.

Create a message of peace and love with your boho chic bracelet



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