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Love with Heart Bracelet



Feel the love of your partner thanks to this wonderful love bracelet. So you can feel close to him at all times.

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Feel the love of your partner thanks to our love bracelet. With her, you can always find near him but not estea you. Feel the passion and the feelings of others always! In this way, every time your love and passion will go more in your relationship.

This string bracelet has an adjustable circumference between 18cm and 30cm, It is finished in a beautiful gold or silver heart (to choose). The account size is 6mm heart.

This bracelet is ideal to take with you forever. You can also get 2 and go conjoined with your partner. This way everyone can feel the other. In addition, It is a great gift for family and friends, as well, They may also feel your love.

Why the heart is the ultimate symbol of affection?

Heart relate it to the life force, with power and deep emotions, but above all with love. The heart seems to be the irreplaceable essence, It boasts of being pure, If you love someone only pure way you look at your heart, ignoring all his faults… have a good heart redeems many things.

That is why give someone your heart is the ultimate symbol of affection. These days we have translated this significant gesture heart emojis we send our loved ones digitally. For many philosophers, the heart is where reside the movement, sensations, the soul and reason,

The heart is the only symbol that reflects the meaning of love and is accepted by all cultures, although their representation does not conform to the actual shape of heart. The schematic symbol is universally known without details.

Let your love and happiness fill others thanks to our love bracelet mavarillosa.

Make your love reaches everyone with our love bracelet

Creates a more boho style with our bracelets

Love bracelet will help you feel the love of your partner


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