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Bracelet 7 Chakras with Tree of Life


With this bracelet you can receive positive energy of the universe through the action of the tree of life and regulate it internally thanks to 7 chakras


Thanks to our bracelet 7 chakras with The Tree of Life, you'll feel better every day just take. Wear it and feel the energy enters you while your chakras are regulated internally.

How I can help The Tree of Life

Since ancient times used the image of the tree of life to attract positive energy into us. In many countries and religions, It is revered in one way or another to the tree of life. For many it is also a very important symbol since it arise different animal species.

What constitutes 7 chakras

The 7 chakras are energy centers in our body. Each of the chakras contral a specific function, both within the body and psychically. By keeping our chakras balanced, we will feel better and avoid ailments and diseases that can affect us.

Thanks to the action of both, you can improve inwardly and outwardly.



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Loli Roldan Irrigation
5 months 4 days ago

I have wanted this kind of bracelet.