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Bracelet 4 in 1 to believe in yourself


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It does not matter what I tell everyone. You are you. Your individuality is important. Therefore we bring this boho bracelet you believe in yourself.

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Believing in yourself is very important. When life tests us and puts obstacles in the way, we who must overcome them. Although we can take help, the final step we have to give us. This chic bracelet boho always reminds you to be yourself and not decay at any time.

This boho bracelet 4 in 1 It is formed of several parts. All small bracelets that have, They are joined at the back of it. Thanks to its closure clamp, You can regulate its size from 19cm to 24cm. In this way, You can comfortably wear the bracelet without any problems.

The bracelet consists of a plaque carved with the word Believe. In this way, Every time you see the size, it may remind you believe in yourself. and after plate, It has a friendship bracelet, so that no olivdemos us from those who helped us at our worst. Then, It has a round statement accompanied by 2 Pagaro wings. This union symbolizes our free being and that we take off the flight in our lives. Thanks to the bracelet, when you decide to fly high in your life, either sentimental or professional, You can get anything you set your mind. Finally, Two owls brings together, symbolizing the wisdom of self..

The junction between the owl and spirit

Today the owl conveys sympathy and good vibrations has become the symbol of wisdom and intuition, and it is believed that a chance encounter with one is always good omen. In fact, predicts luck in almost all fields, especially in the economic. By all accounts, to face him, It conveys his mystic power and intelligence and intuition. In this way, we can find the right path in life.

Discover your inner power through this boho chic bracelet


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