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Piercing Boho Chic with Hamsa Hand



Let me see your inner bohemian wild with this gorgeous boho chic piercing for ombrligo. All marvel.

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Hamsa hand is a powerful protective amulet used since ancient times. Thanks to its action repulsorlift of negative energy. In this way, when we put a hamsa hand or carry a Hamsa hand over, we are consciously or unconsciously accessing all his power. Thanks to this wonderful piercing boho chic, we can always carry with us all that positive energy wherever we go.

Go with the positive energy of this chic boho piercing

This terrific piercing Navel is made of copper with a manufacturing friendly to the environment. The surface of Hamsa hand takes crimps with Austrian imitation diamond and a crimp heart-shaped center. Tendril height is 18mm while the pendant measures 30mm length.

Surprise everyone with this wonderful navel piercing

Get all eyes are focused on you with this piercing boho chic

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this chic boho navel piercing

Indulge bohemian fashion with this piercing


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