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Earrings Boho Chic Tassel Triangular



Give your look an innovative and bohemian touch thanks to these beautiful earrings boho chic.

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Unleash your inner bohemian thanks to these earrings boho chic triangular tasseled. Its simple but groundbreaking style still, It makes everyone to notice them, thus focusing their eyes on your beautiful features.

These slopes are made of zinc alloy with hook. Since the closure, leave two chains toward the central support thereby forming a triangle. From the central support leave several tassels, thereby forming a semicircle. Thanks to a whole, these earrings will give a different look and bohemian.

The arcane meaning of the triangle

Number three is universally critical. Expresses the spiritual nature of God, in the cosmos and man. Trinity synthesizes be. As product unity of heaven and earth, the sum of one and two. The symbolism of the triangle corresponds to the number three. That is why in many places and accessories see the triangular symbol.

Surprise everyone with your earrings boho chic

Leaves everyone open-mouthed thanks to these earrings boho chic

These earrings will highlight your natural features

Surprised by these beautiful earrings

Eye-catcher thanks to these precious earrings




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