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Boho Chic Feather Earrings



Take a more ethnic touch, tribal and colorful thanks to these beautiful earrings boho chic. You can package them with your clothes thanks to its colorful.

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Give a different touch to the accessories you wear to go through these beautiful earrings boho chic feather.

These earrings hook, They are formed by 3 each feather. each pen, It is secured by a chain closure, forming 3 different heights. In this way, each being independent, will achieve give a freer look and loose. The average overall length of the earrings 14cm.

Boho chic earrings in fashion

Within the current fashion, boho chic is one of the styles with a major boost in recent years. Even so, often we do not know what accessories used to combine with our dress. To do this we bring these fantastic earrings boho chic with colorful feathers. These earrings give a great color to your style, getting people to look over your face and thus highlighting your beautiful natural features.

Model 001 Sky blue

Enjoy your earrings boho chic when you leave home


Model 002 OrangeLet the whole world stunned by these earrings


Model 003 PinkGive a different style to your jewelry


Model 004 GreyBring these beautiful earrings wherever you go


Model 005 YellowGive more life to your features


Model 006 Orange, Violet and GreenAll thanks to these earrings will be surprised


Model 007 White, Violet and CaféLet your spirit fly free


Model 008 Black and VioletGive a more bohemian look to your style


Model 009 Beige, Purple and VioletLet the boho chic fashion inundate your life


Model 010 Green and Blue SkyCreate trend thanks to the chic boho style


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