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Boho Chic Silver earrings with Tree of Life


Be seduced by these earrings boho chic silver Tree of Life. His unmistakable style will make your face shine.

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The Tree of Life is a common element in many civilizations. All have a common element realaciona life and nature. Hence we we are all connected. These earrings boho chic also help you remember that union.

These earrings with hook are composed of a ciercunferencia within which a tree of life appears. such slope, They are bathed in silver 925 giving that is so characteristic tone.

What is The Tree of Life?

The concept of the tree of life gives us an understanding of the different constituents of human creation.

Kabbalistic multiple branches of the tree are the various physical and spiritual levels of our existence. Even though the human mind may be limited by its physical form, You may receive various forms of ancestral knowledge, latent in all of us.

Therefore, although we are not able to perceive all “remaining” Tree of life, in the Kabbala, different ways are sought to make our existence, when it is matter and spirit, It is clearer to us. One of these ways is the schematic representation of our life through this powerful symbol.

Create a bohemian touch with these earrings boho chic tree of life


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