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Earrings Boho Chic Media Circumference in Borla



We surprised everyone with a marked style with these chic boho tassel earrings. With them you can highlight your natural features.

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Expand your collection of accessories with these wonderful earrings boho chic. As you submit it, you will attract the attention of all.

These earrings precious carry a hook with a body finely ornamented, finish a tassel. The ornament assembly and tassel occupies half of a circumference, with a broad style. As a result, You can highlight your cheekbones.

Let the boho chic style flow into your life

Bohemian fashion is back in vogue and boho chic is at the top. His crossing of styles and blends make the boho chic more than a fad, A lifestyle. So we have the freedom we want to find ourselves. With the boho chic, we can choose a style more oriented to nature, more freedom in clothing, etc. Open your heart to the world and let their strength into you.

Surprise everyone with your earrings boho chic

Surprise everyone with your new earrings

Boho chic beam lifestyle

Leaves everyone amazed with your earrings boho chic

Accompany your style with your earrings boho chic



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