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Drop earrings Boho Chic with Borla



Delumbra with your earrings boho chic. With them every time you leave home everyone will notice you.

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Let everyone admire your bohemian aesthetic thanks to these earrings boho chic. As you submit it, You'll stand out your beautiful facial features making people notice you and in your face, surprising them all.

These slopes have a cross-shaped raindrop, made of zinc alloy, while the edges have Tassel.

Let the soul of boho chic style into your life

Bohemian fashion is imposed on our lives. Due to everyday problems, increasingly we are more stressed and tired. As the days go this accumulates, and in many cases can derviar in depressions, sadness, etc.

Boho chic fashion brings us back to simpler times when life was more free. Learning from those times, we can achieve greater peace and tranquility within ourselves in order to be happier.

Surprise everyone with your earrings boho chic

Let everyone admire you because of your earrings boho chic

Give a different touch to your earrings

With these earrings, everyone will notice you

Surprises with your precious earrings

Wow you thanks to your outstanding


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