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Earrings Boho Chic with Form Atrapasueños and Tassels



Discover a new world of color to your earrings boho chic thanks to these fabulous earrings shaped dreamcatcher.

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Boho chic earrings have joined in recent years in fashion and we have created fantastic and wonderful varieties of earrings. Among them, we have these fantastic earrings the shape of a dreamcatcher. In these earrings, the ring rope and its internal network is changed by a geometric pattern made of zinc alloy. The same, feathers hanging from the tassels are changed by dreamcatcher. In this way, these slopes provide a much more bohemian style, while continuing to enhance our natural features are like our ears, cheeks and neck, giving us more estilismo.

Let boho chic earrings become part of your life

Boho chic earrings extend all. His natural style allows you to use with a myriad of garments and other accessories freely. In addition, You can use both everyday and for any special event.

What are you waiting for? Put your earrings and salt to take on the world.

Model 001 Beige – Brown

Let your boho chic earrings will help you look great


Model 002 Green – Dark green

Thanks to your earrings you will become the queen of the place


Model 003 Light blue – Sky blue

Get your unique style with boho chic earrings


Model 004 Red – Pink

Let everyone admire you because of your outstanding


Model 005 Blue – Dark blue

Boho chic earrings are the best way to surprise everyone


Model 006 Pink – Red wine

Surprise and wonder thanks to these outstanding


Model 007 Pink – Purple

Make all remain surprised with earrings boho chic


Model 008 Brown – White

Let everyone focus on you because of your outstanding boho


Model 009 Pink – Beige

Creates a more bohemian look


Model 010 Blue – Sky blue

Treat yourself to wear a perfect bohemian look


Model 011 Violet – Purple

Create your own style with these earrings


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