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Earrings Boho Chic Lotus Flower


Enhances your features thanks to these beautiful earrings boho chic. Its shape and width lotus highlight your cheekbones and neck.

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Leaves everyone open-mouthed thanks to these beautiful earrings boho chic. Thanks to them, in any event you go, you will become the center of attention around the world. Bohemian style addition to helping attract attention, also achieved a double effect realzante. In this way, You realzarás your cheekbones while stylize your gooseneck. Like this, every time you leave home with your earrings will achieve attract all eyes to you.

Let your earrings to model your style

These earrings with hook are made to resemble a lotus with the tips of the flower open out. Like the lotus leaves the water and shines by itself to other plants and animals, you too will shine for yourself on any occasion, either everyday or a special event.

Be amazed by these beautiful earrings boho chic

Boho chic your earrings will help you surprise everyone


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