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Boho Chic Spiral Earrings



These earrings boho chic spiral let you enhance the appearance of your ears along the beautiful features of your face.

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The earrings are an elegant way of combining accessories thus favor own natural features of your face. That is why we often put on special occasions to highlight outstanding. Thanks to these earrings boho chic, You will achieve surprise everyone since you put them.

Earrings are made of zinc alloy with a base and ornaments spiral out of their spiral. These earrings have a measure of 4.5cm x 5cm, finishes open hook

The power of the spiral

The spirals have always been a very spiritual element. In nature we see animals carrying this way. In the cosmos, we see it in the form of galaxies. The coils surround us in our daily lives.

Starting from the center and to infinity, the spiral symbolizes the infinite energy. When we draw, We allow the energy from multiple sources into us.

Highlight your beautiful features thanks to these beautiful earrings boho chic spiral Bring always these beautiful earrings Wow you with these wonderful earrings


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