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Boho Chic Silver earrings with Starry Night


Surprise everyone with a touch of class thanks to these earrings boho chic inspired by Van Gogh.

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The painting Starry Night is a work of art painted by Vincent Van Gogh brilliant artist and known worldwide. As we see his strokes account we see the incredible depth of this work. This wonderful picture is a harmony between light and darkness, from the bright moon the dark sky. Forever remember the magnificence of this beautiful work of art, we bring these wonderful earrings boho chic.

Takes a piece of art you always and surprise everyone

The shapes and colors of these earrings are made from the painting Starry Night. These prendientes represents a cypress beneath a moon on a clear night. The Golden Moon represents dreams and hopes, cypress represents persistence and persistence, while the blue sky represents the pursuit of our dreams.

Surprise everyone with this work of art

Starry Night earrings are your allies to succeed at any time




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