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Boho Chic Crystal Earrings with Primaveral Drawing



Creates a beautiful contrast to your precious natural features thanks to these earrings boho chic glass. Your drawing will impress you!

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All eyes focused on your beautiful face thanks to these earrings boho chic. Its shape and beautiful picture surprised everyone by having all eyes focused on you sen.

These earrings with hook, They are formed by a drop of transparent glass which is drawn spring beautiful scenery on its surface.

Feel the power of spring

Spring is not just a station. It is also a state of mind. As spring arrives, we all feel happier. The arrival of spring means the arrival of good weather. The days are longer, the cold goes away and comes heat, Rivers reliving life thanks to thaw, the animals are happier, flowers bloom everywhere, meadows and trees become greener, etc. That is why we bring these earrings so that you too can enjoy a permanent spring.

Surprise everyone with your earrings boho chic

Give a different touch to your earrings and surprises

Let everyone marvel at the beautiful finish earrings

Let your earrings boho chic enhance your natural features

Marvel at our outstanding boho chic



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