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Boho Chic Tassel Earrings with Crystal Citrine



Let your face gleams and attracts all eyes thanks to these earrings boho chic crystal crimps and tassels.

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Eye-catcher thanks to this beautiful set of earrings boho chic. His unique style of union between the elegance of the crystals strung along the boho chic fashion makes them a unique accessory that will highlight all your beautiful facial features. In this way, as you go out to the street with them, everyone will turn to admire, staying impressed.

The earrings are a timeless accessory

The earrings carry a long tradition and a history which refers to antiquity. They found indications of its existence already in the bronze Age and then successively in many civilizations. In the first civilizations they were carried by the upper classes as symbol of wealth and power. In the ancient Greece, these jewels began to spread mostly among the population, even in less propertied classes. On the medievo, earrings, besides being an object used by women, They acquired a precious value in the true sense of the word. For implementation, They were used in ever more frequently, precious stones and beads.

Surprises with your earrings boho chic

Boho chic earrings are a way to enhance your face

Enhance your beautiful features with earrings boho chic

Surprise everyone with your precious earrings

Let everyone thanks to outstanding chic boho be surprised

Get everyone to notice you through these beautiful earrings boho

These earrings pleasantly surprise everyone

Go out and enjoy your day with these lovely earrings


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