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Boho Chic Tassel Earrings with hook



Give a different touch to your ears thanks to these beautiful earrings boho chic tassel. Attract all eyes!

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Boho chic earrings are the easiest way to make everyone set in your facial features, such as your ears, cheekbones, etc, and even on your neck. Thanks to its length of tassel, will get an effect gooseneck.

These earrings are made of a completed based on a hook, with a tassel on the other external. The total length of the slope is 11.5cm.

Boho chic and tassels are here to stay

Boho chic fashion has relocated in closets tassels. Today we can see endless dresses, tops and accessories included wearing tassels. Even boots and sandals! Thus it has become to associate Tassels in fashion ideas. DIDES not your earrings and tassels together with your tops, shirts and trousers for a look spectacular set.

Dark Blue

Create your own world with these outstanding boho chic


Color Black

Let boho chic earrings surprised everyone


Light brown color

Add a touch of style to your jewelry


Color Dark Green

Make your own style surprise everyone


Yellow Gold

Let the whole world stunned by your earrings


Red color

Tassels have become. Join as Well


Light Turquoise

Soprende with a touch of different color


Color Dark Violet

Make all remain open-mouthed with your new earrings


Color Beige

Boho chic earrings TUs are an extension of yourself


Color Verde Fosforito

Shapes your style with these earrings boho chic


Violet Color Clear

Leaves everyone amazed


Color Light Pink

Make your set an unforgettable view


Color Verde

Make all set in your beautiful facial features


Olive Green

Make surprised everyone with these beautiful earrings boho


White color

Create trend thanks to your outstanding boho


Color Navy

Make earrings your own style boho


Color Rosa

Let the color invade your life


Dark coffee colour

Boho chic style make your unique brand




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