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Tragus earring clip with Swirl


Adds radiance to your ears with this fantastic slope boho chic for tragus.

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The piercien and earrings for tragus has become fashionable. The girls love them, either so subtle that often it is seen or cosmetic composition with other piercings that are usually made in their ears. Thanks to its minimalist style, accessories in the tragus usually more discreet but with shapes and colors that help accentuate the earlobes. In this way, we can get a great visual impact on endowing set a twist. Thanks to this outstanding boho chic, You can bring in an accessory tragus without perforártelo.

Surprise everyone with this wonderful slope boho chic

This slope made of zinc alloy is suitable for all types of tragus. Thanks to not having any closure, there is no need to do any drilling, can be fabulous and avoiding pain.

Surprise everyone with a pending boho chic different

Make all eyes are focused on you with this pendant boho chic

Give a different touch or your bars with this clip earring for tragus



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