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Boho chic slope with Hearts Drop


Enjoy any event or gala and become the center of attention with these beautiful earrings boho chic

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Love is a feeling that never gets old. And what it is the international symbol of love? The answer is clear: the heart. That is why we bring these beautiful earrings boho chic.

Let love invade your life and the people closest to you

These outstanding precious teardrop are made of zinc alloy. The rear has a hook so you can wear them and take them off easily.

If you look inside the slope, we see that a pattern is repeated numerous times. That pattern is the hearts. In this way, as soon as you put these precious earrings, You get not only attract all eyes to you, but also attract all the positive feelings for you. Feel how the love of everyone close to you comes and fills you!



Get your unique style thanks to the outstanding boho chci



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