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Sarong Boho Chic Hook



Boasts body while you're on the beach, the pool or take a walk when your boho chic crochet pareo.

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Protect your skin while you let transpire with this hemoso boho chic pareo. The fabric blend of cotton and polyester makes it suitable for take up skin, tops finos, swimsuit, etc.

What measures does this chic boho crochet pareo?

This sarong has a greater drop in front than behind, before being 75cm while being in the back of 40cm. In addition, It has 35cm shoulder.

Lose yourself in fashion crochet

Nobody knows exactly how old it is or where it originated. However, in every culture there is evidence to suggest that it is an ancient practice. In France, For example, writers point out that in the eighteenth century, embroidery needles were used on a frame and then evolved to practice the crochet frameless. Over time, and throughout the world, wars and bad harvests that were damaging the economy of communities crochet became a thriving cottage industry that helped sustain. And there were even queens and nuns knitters, writers. There was even militant feminists who honored (and honor) tissue as a means of expression. Because crochet has some addictive. You do well and also connects you with the most primitive: the processes and results of things.

Thanks to the different dresses and crochet patterns, we can feel the hand care with which they were made, thus connecting with different times. Like this, every time we get a piece of crochet, we remember those moments connecting with ourselves. Let softness and crochet care always protect your skin.

Make everyone be surprised to notice you and thanks to this boho chic crochet top!

Boho chic crochet pareo is your ideal companion this summer

Surprise everyone with this beautiful sarong

Surprise everyone with your boho chic crochet pareo

Back of boho chic crochet pareo



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