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Yoga Pants Wide Leg with Floral Pattern Black and Red


Enjoy this fantastic yoga pants. Wide leg style lets you do all kinds of moves smoothly.

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Surprise everyone with your yoga pants wide leg. This beautiful yoga pants has a lovely floral pattern black and red on its side that will amaze you.

This pants yoga is done in a 95% polyester and 5% spandex. With its combination of fabrics will have high breathability. No matter if it is more dynamic yoga or not, You can do all your asanas without you accumulate sweat. Due to its embodiment in polyester, You will have a high resistance, while thanks to spandex, you can feel comfortable in their elastic. This pant is sold in one size and has a length of 98cm.

Is it very important to wear yoga pants?

Yoga is very important to have freedom of movement while doing your asanas. Thanks to these pants, You can do all kinds of asanas smoothly. gives equal need much range of motion as you can do it without problems. Like this, You can enjoy all your yoga sessions without any problems. In addition, its width allows you to take very loose pants, so you will not have scratches while you do your asanas. So you can be comfortable one hundred percent of the time to make your session without any problems.

The pants have a cross pattern on its surface with a floral image with a mosaic pattern on its side. Thanks to this fantastic duality of images, You get everyone to notice him. From the first moment they see, everyone will be amazed and can not look away from you. Become a feeling this summer and be the center of attention in your yoga classes thanks to our fabulous yoga pants wide leg!

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