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Yoga Pants Wide Leg with Blue and Green Floral Pattern


Do amazing yoga asanas without any hindrance or problem thanks to our yoga pants wide leg.

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This fantastic yoga pants to be your ideal for all kinds of asanas partner. With its wide-leg style will have no impediment to exercise all.

This pants yoga is done in a 95% polyester and 5% spandex. With its combination of fabrics will have high breathability. No matter if it is more dynamic yoga or not, You can do all your asanas without you accumulate sweat. Due to its embodiment in polyester, You will have a high resistance, while thanks to spandex, you can feel comfortable in their elastic. This pant is sold in one size and has a length of 98cm.

Benefits of wearing yoga pants

Yoga pants allow you greater freedom of movement than with other garments. Like this, You can do all kinds of dynamic or static asanas smoothly. In addition, to be looser than other pants, You not have to worry about tensions or chafing. Yoga pants with wide leg you can make all kinds of movements with the maximum possible amplitude without any problems. Also, thanks to its combination of fabrics, Conveniences include breathability, so you will not have to worry that you accumulate sweat while doing the asanas and preventing it from sticking to the legs you so upset.

Pants is imprinted a beautiful drawing of feathers placed so inclined. On its side and on his waist wearing a lovely mosaic drawing. Thanks to this combination of the two styles, everyone who sees you will be impressed. With the, you will become the center of attention wherever you go, getting everyone to notice you.

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