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Yoga pants Men with Mosaic Pictures



Do not let anything stop you while you do your asanas thanks to this fabulous yoga pants for men.

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Do not let anything stop you from doing your asanas with this fantastic yoga pants for men. Thanks to its open-style leg, you can run all kinds of movements without any problems or bonds. Like this, you'll get to do all the asanas positions without discomfort or tautness. Also you avoid chafing when doing exercises, so you only need to concentrate on performing your yoga sessions in the best way possible.

Yoga pants made to wear all day

These yoga pants are made from a combination of algodón, spandex y lino. Thanks to the combination of these three fibers, We get an ideal fabric for sweatpants. Cotton will provide smoothness and prevent chafing at the seams. So we not feel any discomfort while performing all kinds of exercises and movements, be broad or more static. Flax provides high breathability on the web, in addition to softness and freshness. As a result, while we are performing the most demanding exercises, we can more easily dissipate the heat buildup and avoid the accumulation of sweat making us stick or clothes from slipping. So we will have pants that can be used in both hot days and days where we will do more physically demanding asanas. Finally, the spandex provides elasticity in the waist and ankles. For this reason, but we are making positions in horizontal or vertical, We will prevent us from falling pants . In this way, resbalarnos or avoid stumble and fall down.

Pants sold in a one size consisting of a total length of 100cm. Thanks to its high elastic waist, It can be worn by men with a size between 58cm y 114cm, thus serving for everyone. The model 002 integrates less elastic height, reaching the embroidery pattern to the waist.

Model 001

Use your yoga pants for men in your exercises

Easily do yoga with your pants

Enjoy yoga with your pants for men

Enjoy doing your asanas every day


Model 002Enjoy yoga every day

These yoga pants will leave all kinds of movements

Enjoys doing yoga and pilates


Model 003Do not let anything stop you to overcome your limits

Do all kinds of exercises smooth motion

Overcome your limits on asanas with these yoga pants


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