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Yoga pants Boho Chic on 2 covers



Leaves everyone with his mouth open thanks to this lovely yoga pants boho chic. With the, every time you move you will attract all eyes.

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Do not let anything stop you from doing yoga or pilates. Thanks to this yoga pants boho chic, You can make all your asanas without any problems, thus leaving everyone amazed.

This yoga pants consists of two superimposed layers, making it a mixture of trousers and skirt. As a result, your movements seem wider, giving everyone a greater sense of elasticity in your movements. In addition, You get that in all asanas you do not you find any impediment to the movement, thus achieving greater fluidity to move. The pants is open in the lateral zone between the two layers, so you can also show your legs while you do all the movements and asanas.

Enjoys doing yoga and moving freely

These pants yoga and pilates is the ideal companion for your sessions. Once you use it, You can not do without it.

Get a new style with your yoga pants

Wow you with your yoga pants boho chic

Let everyone admire you with your yoga pants

Make your asanas smoothly and freely

Give a different style to your every move

Get everyone to notice you because of your yoga pants

Let everyone be surprised by your yoga pants

Exercise firmly without discomfort thanks to yoga pants



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