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Yoga pants Width with Mandala Print



feel free and do not let anything hinder your movement through this gorgeous wide yoga pants.

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Let yourself hassles and tensions when you exercise! Our wide yoga pants allow you to make all your asanas perfectly and undisturbed. Whether you're more dynamic or static asanas. Thanks to this pants, You can perform all the necessary movements without clothes nor pull you stick.

This pant is made of nylon.

Yoga and mandalas

Yoga pants has a mandala pattern on its surface. The term Mandala It comes from Sanskrit and means "circle". These geometric representations have strong roots rituals Hindu and Buddhist; However, we can find in virtually every culture in the world. See a mandala It leads to states of tranquility and relaxation. It connects us with our inner, reduces anxiety, fatigue and stress, It brings us back to the essentials, the expression of beauty, harmony, balance, perfection and movement of life.

Check here what the yoga pants that best suits you

Color blue

Leaves everyone open-mouthed through your yoga pants



Color Verde

Always be comfortable while you work out thanks to our yoga pants



Dark Blue

This wide trousers yoga will leave you easily move and bend your legs



Color Blue Sky

Do all your asanas smoothly thanks to our yoga pants



Yellow color

Surprises with your yoga pants


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